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東京生まれ、千葉県・米国カリフォルニア州育ち。現在は、神奈川県在住。幼少期から米国に住むことで言語の魅力に引き込まれる。ハワイの大学でTESL(第二言語としての英語教授法)の学士を取得後、ホノルルの語学学校、日本の大学や大手企業の企業内研修などのネイティブ講師として英語を教え始める。この頃からフリーランス翻訳・添削も開始。2006年には約1年間、バックパッカーとして主に東南アジアと中米を旅する。2014年には言語聴覚士(ST)の国家資格を取得し、病院やクリニックでSTとして勤務。趣味はトライアスロン。TOEIC満点、スペイン語DELE B2取得。今はイタリア語に夢中。

ESL Instructor / Translator / Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist

I am a native Japanese and English speaker with an extensive background in ESL teaching, translations, and speech therapy. Being born in Tokyo and raised in Chiba and California, I am fully bilingual and bi-cultural. I have degrees in TESL and Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy. (It’s also a Japanese national license.) My unique upbringing of being born in Japan and spending my formative years in the US has not only enabled me to embrace both languages, but also empathize with those who struggle with languages to convey their thoughts, be it for linguistic or medical reasons, such as aphasia.  This is one of the strongest reasons why I have decided to pursue my calling of having a career handling languages.

When I am not in class or the office, you will find me at the gym or pool getting ready for my upcoming triathlon races.







What is translation?

Translation is more than taking words and putting them into another language. It is almost like unraveling a sweater as you take note of the patterns, then choosing a similar yet different yarn and knitting again as you accurately recreate all the patterns from the original sweater.

TESL Degree

With a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) degree and over 17 years of classroom experience backed up by my own adventure of studying English, I know what it takes to acquire a new language.

Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy

Not many ESL teachers and translators can proudly say that they understand the neurology behind language acquisition and processing. My second degree in Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy (a Japanese equivalent of SLP who also works in hospitals working with stroke victims) has greatly influenced the way I teach, incorporating techniques that have been proven effective in language acquisition.